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Palma Blanca Gold Edition

Sweet wine with flakes of 24-carat gold
from Muscat of Alexandria grapes
Grape Variety: Muscat of Alexandria
Price: 11,89


It should be served around 7 and 9 ºC. Palma Blanca muscatel is ideal for accompanying the best pastry desserts.


Flakes of 24-carat gold are incorporated to this edition of bottles, symbolizing happiness and prosperity to be shared in the most special celebrations and those unique moments.

Almost transparent pale yellow color. Characteristic notes of muscatel on the nose, with hints of honey and citric flavours such as lemon, some notes of apple and good alcohol integration. On the palate it is really pleasant. The first impression is that of the muscatel grape, with its sweetness but not sickly sweet at all. Its aftertaste leaves some really elegant freshness; hints of honey, lemon and floral notes come once again inviting to enjoy drinking.

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Palma Blanca Oro